About Us

MHungry is a division of Universal ATM Network, Inc. UAN is a national provider of electronic payment, cash dispensing and e-commerce services. The company processes credit & debit card transactions, checks and other cards from merchant point-of-sale (POS) terminals, ATMs and websites. UAN also provides related payment services, including stored value cards for payroll and electronic funds distribution.

With the evolution of technology, UAN began to venture into manufacturing & programming with the development of unique credit/debit applications for specialized financial transaction services.

Established in 1986, UAN has always been at the cutting edge of payment systems technology. Universal has manufactured many firsts in the payment industry, changing the way people pay.


  • In 1990, UAN & Lynk Systems created a split-dial application for credit card terminals, allowing merchants large and small to accept debit card for purchases without incurring the cost of additional hardware.

  • By transforming a credit card terminal, UAN created the first cashless ATM machine in 1991 for use by smaller businesses seeking the convenience of an ATM without the cash-loading and security requirements.

  • In 1998 Lipman introduced a new all-in-one credit card terminal, which UAN converted into a cashless ATM machine. Extremely well-received by small merchants and bars, businesses saw up to 300% increases in average ticket sales!

  • The world’s first drive-thru ATM was manufactured by UAN in 2000, allowing customers to use debit cards for quick electronic purchases.

  • In 2003, UAN introduced the Universal PayCard , a stored-value ATM card that replaces typical payroll checks for businesses. For companies looking for significant cost reductions with distribution and check processing, even the smallest of businesses can benefit from UAN’s PayCard program.

  • MHungry released 3rd quarter 2004