"I am tired of having to go through a long process to order what I usually get"
Raymond Gunnison, Network Administrator, Franklin, KS  


Still at work?
Hungry kids waiting for you to come home and cook dinner?
Wont’ be home for another 45 minutes?
Why not let them order the "USUAL"™

Order by Dialing 877-MHungry

1.Enter Passcode.
2.Select the "USUAL"™
3.Confirm order. Order is paid for and on its way.
  It can be delivered* or picked up before you get home!
No need to worry about cooking and washing dirty dishes tonight! Thank goodness for MHungry!

MHungry knows that as busy moms, you just don’t have time to cook everyday. And fast food isn’t healthy for you and your family. MHungry allows your family to still enjoy a hot, healthy meal.
  • Order from many local restaurants.
  • Order by Web, Phone, or PDA
  • Create nine favorite HEALTHY meals – known as the “USUAL™”
  • Order by Web, Phone, or PDA for Take-Out or Delivery*.
  • Preorder up to 12 hours so that dinner for the next day is taken care of.
    *Delivery subject to restaurant availability.