"I was so excited that MHungry was able to help my favorite charitable organization"
Geraldine Swenson, Chiropractor, Fargo, ND 
We Help Raise Awareness for Your Cause
MHungry’s unique Fundraising Donations Engine allows any customer who makes food purchases through MHungry.com to donate to the charity of their choice. Register your nonprofit organization today* to be exposed to nationwide MH customers!
Ø Refer MHungry, Earn Donations!
Ø Registration Benefits
Ø MH Donates Up to 5% to Your Charity
Ø All 501(C)(3) Groups Welcome
Refer MHungry, Earn Donations!
Refer MHungry to your family and friends, and ask them to select your organization as the choice for their donation. They only pay for their food, and MH takes care of the contributions. The more people who know about MHungry, the greater the donations are for your cause!
MH Donates Up to 5% to Your Charity
MHungry donates up to 5% for every order that selects your charity. Best of all, there’s no limit to how much contributions your organization earns.
Registration Benefits
Ø  FREE Registration!
Ø  No need to ask parents and supporters to spend money on overpriced items they don’t want or need in order to help the cause.
Ø  Your organization earns contributions, regardless of what restaurants customers order from.
Ø  Enjoy hassle-free administration - The donations earned for your cause is deposited directly to your organization’s account every month. You will also get a list of customers who contributed to your cause.
All 501(C)(3) Groups Welcome
Ø Register your organization through MHungry.com.
Ø Your charity or local school must be that who file taxes with IRS under section 501(C)(3).
Ø We will verify your charitable organization within 3-5 business days.
Ø You will receive an email confirmation after your organization is approved and ready to receive donations.