"Wow, I only call one number to order from all my favorite restaurants!""
T. Jones, College Student, San Jose, CA 
Home of “the World’s Fastest Ordering System”
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MHungry’s FREE centralized restaurant-ordering portal allows you to order your favorite meals from the internet , PDA or phone at any participating restaurant nationwide, for take-out or delivery*.

Simply pick up the phone, call Max, your personal   "Cyber Waitress"  and tell her you’ll have the "USUAL"™  #5 and hang up.
 its FREE
 its COOL
 its FAST
Please take the time to view the site to learn more about how MHungry is going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. MHungry answers your day to day question of, “What’s for Lunch?”, and is an important partner with helping give back to your local community.
Making Your Life Easier:
Ø FREE Registration
Ø Order by Phone, Web or PDA
Ø Save up to 9 favorite meals for the “USUAL™”
Ø Remember only 1 number: 877-MHungry
Ø Earn free food and MH dollars as part of the program
Ø MH donates up to 5% to charity of YOUR choice.
*Delivery subject to restaurant availability.