"Automated Payments for me means no more waiting in line to pay for my order"
Leanne Joans, Consultant, Trenton, NJ 
MHungry’s parent company, Universal ATM Network, Inc. and Calnet Business Bank provide flexible payment options for MHungry services. Through either a major credit card or debit from a checking account, nearly anyone can register for MHungry to automatically pay for their orders. Remember, MHungry does not disseminate any user information to anyone outside of the company and/or its affiliates.
MHungry keeps personal and billing information secure by paying restaurants on behalf of its members, to protect its members from credit card or payment fraud. MHungry uses 128-bit SSL (Https) encryption, which is the industry standard for web-based commerce. This ensures 100% security with all MHungry online transactions.
UAN Provides Physical Security at Server Locations:
It's Security
Ø No public access to building
Ø Monitoring systems
Ø Mandatory sign in/out procedures
Ø Intrusion detection system
Ø Card readers, card readers with PIN code keypads
Ø Biometric scanners
Strict security specifications allow MHungry to process information between clients without the worry of unauthorized attacks. MHungry is proud to offer these measures in order to give our customers the privacy they deserve, with every transaction they initiate.