"MH changed my life, no more fast food for me."
Rachel L., Busy Wife, Montgomery, AB 
I’ll Have “the USUAL”TM
When You Know What You Want, So Does MHungry
You can create “the Usual”TM at any of your favorite restaurants. You can have up to 9 “Usuals”.
Create Your “USUAL”
Ø Register FREE at MHungry.com! Only a few minutes to set up your preferences.
Ø Can you choose 9 “USUALS” or does the 9 set-ups include payment options, restaurant options, address options?
Ø Now you’re ready for the World’s Fastest Ordering System. You can “Order Now”, or Pre-order up to 12 hours ahead!
How to Order “the Usual”TM via Phone
  How to Order “the Usual”TM via Phone
**If you don’t remember what your “Usuals” were, Max will tell you what you’ve saved and how  much it costs.
Next time your stomach growls and you need quick convenience and service, just call MHungry. Get front-of-the-line service every time!
*Delivery subject to restaurant availability.