"MH changed my life, no more fast food for me"
Rachel L., Busy Wife, Montgomery, AB 
MHUNGRY R.S.V.P. Group Orders
Automated Group Ordering Made Easy
The MH R.S.V.P. is a new way for you to invite your friends to be part of a restaurant order.
“I’m ordering from ABC Restaurant. Anybody want anything from there?” (Party of Friends)
When the company is having a conference and allows all the attendees to order what they want from a central restaurant, instead of having pizza or cold sandwiches. (Party of 100)
When the wife had a long day at work and sends husband an RSVP order because she’ll be stopping by that restaurant to pick something up on the way home, and Hubby gets to pick what he would like from that restaurant. (Party of 2)
Ø  Streamlines meal ordering
Ø  Ensures everyone is happy with meal choice, individually boxed and labeled
Ø  Allows those with special dietaries needs to order their food choice
Ø  Anyone with email account and internet access can participate.
Ø  SMS text message cell phones to notify parties.
Ø  Limit spending amount per order.
Ø  Single invoice with per order details for reimbursement.
Ø  Hand written orders not needed.
Ø  Advance orders ensure menu item availability.
Ø  Order time deadline notification ensures the orders are received.
How It Works
 1. Central person initiates a group order.
 2. Pick the group you want.(Accounting Group, Management Group, etc…anyone can be members of multiple groups)
 3. Choose restaurant, order deadline time and maximum limit per member.
 4. Send invitation.
 5. Invitee confirms order and completes shopping cart.
Who would think that ordering lunch for a few people can be such a hassle? By ordering catering is simple, but you have to make sure you have enough food for everyone, or you may order too much or too little.
Before, you would have to pick a restaurant, find their menu and pass it around with a sign up sheet. Remote attendees coming from different locations don’t even get a choice. And then you would have to collect the sign up sheet, make sure everybody has ordered, then call the order and any special requests would have to be expressed to the restaurant. Hopefully you got everything right and did not forget someone’s order, and squander most of your morning on this little chore.
Also you have to be aware of each employee’s special dietary needs. Are any of your employee’s vegetarians or require restricted low salt diet, or they maybe diabetic or have allergies to certain foods such as seafood or nuts, even foods cooked in peanut oil can cause a reaction to those who are allergic to nuts.
By ordering a separate meal for everyone, it shows that you care about their needs. In addition, time will be saved by distributing meals that are individually labeled with each person’s name; thus, eliminating, “Who ordered the Chicken Tarragon sandwich?”