"Wow! Max knows all of my favorite meals by heart!"
Lila S., Teenager, N, CA 
Meet MAX
Max, Your Personal Cyber Waitress
Have you ever called a restaurant to place an order, and immediately got placed on hold?
Never again
With MAX – a Virtual Cyber Waitress who is designed to help you place orders through MHungry’s Mobile Phone and Web Ordering System.
When you call, Max:
Ø Answers on the first ring
Ø Greets you by your first name
Ø Knows every one of  “THE USUAL™”
Ø Remembers that you don’t like Anchovies!
Ø Knows how you pay for your orders
Ø Where you like to have your food delivered or picked up
Max is a Super Smart Waitress:
Ø Available 24/7 for you!
Ø Never puts you on hold…
Ø Makes sure you get your order your way and
Ø Instantly submits your order to the restaurant
Register FREE at MHungry.com and put Max to work for you today! You’re only a click away from making Max your personal Cyber Waitress.