"The more money I spend, the more I get back in rewards"
Alexis Sutterfield, Marketing Manager, Homer, AK 
MHungry’s Exclusive Multi-Restaurant Reward Program
Be Rewarded for Being a Valued Customer
Nowadays, most credit card companies provide great loyalty benefits to its consumers. Wish your favorite restaurants rewarded you for your business too?
Earn Loyalty Rewards
Ø Register FREE at MHungry.com to be enrolled in this money-saving program.
Ø Participating restaurants set a target amount for you to fulfill.
      i.e. $50 spending target to receive $15 reward
Ø Hit the mark and you’ll receive a Loyalty Coupon or Discount
Ø Loyalty Reward is good for one time use, on your next purchase from that same restaurant.
      (Remaining credits will be rolled over.)
Track Your Loyalty Rewards
Ø Log onto your MHungry account.
Ø Select “My Account” to see your accumulated rewards from each restaurant.
Ø Track your reward status (refer below) to decide which restaurants to frequent next.
 Restaurant City BONUS $$ (on next order) Loyalty Reward Target Amount Current Amt Spent Amount needed to
Bonus Reward
 Your Italian Cafe Sacramento $50 $500 $275.00 Only $225.00 for bonus 
 Your Deli Cafe Sacramento $25 $500 $20.00 Spend Only $480.00 for bonus 
 Your French Restaurant Sacramento $500 $5000 $0.95 Spend Only $4999.05 for bonus 
 Your Sushi Restaurant Sacramento $100 $150 $0.00 Spend Only $150.00 for bonus